Background: Alan Monti, the owner of Supreme Hardwood Floors, knew that he had high-quality flooring services and products to offer, but struggled with how to reach his target market outside of word-of-mouth referrals. Since hardwood floors are a luxury, he needed a strategic approach to reaching a wider demographic.

Problem: Supreme Hardwood Floors had high-quality products and services, but needed to tailor their products and marketing to reach and appeal to its target demographic.

Solution: evlos digital developed a digital marketing campaign, which included Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Google My Business management for Supreme Hardwood Floors. We ensured that all marketing content focused on reaching the ideal audiences for luxury hardwood flooring in Austin.

Results: Their website went from having less than a dozen organic search users in one month to 435 in 3 years, or a 5337% increase in traffic.


We hired evlos digital in January 2020 and the pandemic hit soon after. We had just started working together and were faced with the decision of whether it would be worth it during a pandemic and an uncertain economic climate. Ultimately, we stayed the course and it turned out to be the right decision.

Alton made a very intuitive and valuable point that sold us. He said that if we put off our marketing we would be behind when businesses started up again. By September of 2020, our business began to grow at an incredible rate. 2021 was our best year ever and 2022 was slightly better than 2021.

We plan to continue to grow in the future and having evlos digital as our marketing partner will continue to get our message to the right clientele.

– Alan Monti, Owner of Supreme Hardwood Floors