Three things are needed to make this happen: 1. ​Professional Design 2. Compelling Copy 3. Integrated Analytics Anyone can sign up to WIX.com, say they’re a web designer and create their own website. The question is, does it look professional, and will people take you seriously as a business owner after they land there? Additionally, what story are you telling on your website? What is your brand? As business owners, we always have competition. Get your website created by a web designer so that it is able to communicate a compelling story to the audience to let them know they’re in the right place, and should do business with you.

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Finally, a great website will track all user activity. This allows us to discern what is ACTUALLY important to the users on the website. It give us information like what is the most popular page, how much time they spend on that page, some demographics information, and more.

We can see whether there are more or less people on the site every month, and things like whether or not that email you sent out ACTUALLY got folks to come and visit your product sales  page.

Every business owner will admit that having a good website is "essential" these days. But some business owners aren't familiar with websites, and they don't know how to be sure they're getting a good value.

evlos digital is Here to Help You Dominate the Competition

You can find someone to build a website for you from a few hundred dollars to tens of  thousands! What’s the difference?

Questions we recommend a business owner asking about having a website:

  1. How much money will this website generate for me over the next 12-24 months?

  2. Can I have a good relationship with this designer/developer/marketer?

  3. Will this new website be SEO friendly?

If you purchase a cheap new website, the following is likely:

  1. Wasn’t designed by a designer

  2. No keyword research done

  3. Not SEO friendly

  4. No analytics or tracking

  5. No unique or custom content

  6. Didn’t hire a copywriter

All of the above is included in all websites built by evlos digital. Your website will work for you to help you to generate much more revenue than you actually spend because we implement all the strategies that work!


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In the dawn of web surfing, limited options concerning browsers existed. Nowadays, there is a plethora of available internet surfers with their own individual compatibility criteria. The emergence of various web browsers that target different OS versions and platforms can be a major inhibitor for your website. Since some visitors may only have access to nonstandard software, you could potentially lose out on valuable customers. Older websites typically possessed more simplistic designs and were far less taxing than modern day sites are.

As web technology and applications advance, websites have become increasingly complex. It has been determined through market surveys that the majority of internet users will quickly abandon a website if it is not easily navigable or compatible with their device. Business owners often find themselves scratching their heads in confusion as to why their website traffic and search engine rankings have dwindled. Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are increasingly being utilized for online browsing, making it integral that a business’s website is responsive across all platforms. Responsive websites enable visitors to easily navigate the content regardless of what browser or device they’re using – creating an optimal experience on any platform. By ensuring your site is responsive you’ll be able to reach more potential customers with ease!

With a responsive web design, users will be able to browse and navigate websites with ease. This experience is similar or even better than what they would find on their personal computer! Responsive designs make it easier for individuals to locate the information they are searching for quickly so that they can obtain the desired results in no time.


If your site has been underperforming, a common culprit could be that your website is not mobile responsive or mobile compatible. Google’s mobile-friendly score is weighted more heavily than ever when determining your ranking because of the dramatic shift towards mobile web traffic. Research has shown that more than 95 percent of related price searches performed by consumers are currently coming from mobile devices. As more people are using search engines on their mobile devices, policies from tech companies have shifted towards these browsing behaviors.

For instance, if your website utilizes a Flash player on the PC view, most of the mobile devices will not display it, & in many cases, it will show as dead space. If you switch the orientation, your menus, content, & photos should fill in comfortably & will be visible as the screen size changes.

Get a website that is mobile friendly & professionally designed.